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Yoga Keeps Senior Citizens Brain And Body Healthy, Fit, And Young

Yoga is a series of exercises that helps senior citizens stay brain and body healthy. It also maintains their fitness and a feeling of being young again. More than 22 clinical studies show that yoga improves the quality of life for seniors.


The benefits are many. For example, they improve a person’s sense of well being, decrease levels of depression and anxiety, and reduce the risk for rheumatoid arthritis.


Moreover, several studies show that Yoga lowers the risk of cognitive impairment and memory loss in older adults.


Yoga: Research Results

Investigators at  University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom analyzed the data.


Programs ranged in duration of between 1 to 7 months. Individual sessions ranged between 30 to 90 minutes. The sessions focused on both physical and mental exercises.


The results clearly showed that for seniors aged 60 and older, these exercises improved their physical balance, flexibility of movement, and limb strength. It also reduced depression, improved sleep quality, and boosted their vitality.






Moreover, when compared to other light physical activities, such as walking, yoga was more effective. In addition to better   lower  body flexibility —  seniors who did Yoga had better lower body strength. This is a key finding, as senior citizens are very susceptible to falling.


Other benefits of this program is that Yoga is easy to do, adaptable, and an attractive form of physical activity.

For seniors who are living a sedentary life, Yoga is a great way to exercise. There are no start up costs. You don’t have to buy any fancy, expensive equipment and the exercises are easy to do. Best of all, it’s a gentle activity and does not demand any type of heavy physical exertion.


Try it, it will make you feel better — mentally and physically.

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