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Winter Safety Tips For Seniors

With the Holidays approaching, “old man winter” comes right along with it!

For seniors (in particular) across the country, the inclement weather and sometimes hazardous conditions, puts them at greater risk for slips and falls and other injuries.


Before winter hits in earnest across the country, with snow and ice starting to build up on our senior loved ones’ sidewalks, paths and driveways, we want to be sure we’ve taken every precaution to prevent them from slipping and falling.

We know that far too many seniors are hospitalized each year during the winter months following a slip and fall during or after inclement weather.

Over the winter, we’d like to present a selection of ‘safety tips’ (1 safety tip on each occasion) for seniors, which we hope you’ll find useful.

Winter Tip # 1

  1. Be sure your senior loved one wears the correct footwear. This means wearing shoes and boots that are not worn out and still provide good traction on the heels and soles and also incorporate special anti-skid materials to prevent slips and falls.

Stay tuned for additional tips.

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