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Winter Safety Message From Our Administrator

Ditmas Park Administrator, Mr. Mendel Rottenberg, LNHA

During the winter season, hospitalizations inevitably increase due to the cold weather conditions. The majority of those instances will be related to spending excessive time exposed to the elements, such as while waiting at a bus stop or on a subway platform. Here are some helpful tips to keep you warm and out of the hospital this season:

  • When going outdoors this winter, always try to keep your head covered as it represents 10% of your total surface area and every little bit adds up.
  • In your home, try turning your ceiling fan on to its lowest setting. This will push warm air that rises up, back down to where you can enjoy it.
  • Consider replacing thin curtains in your home with thicker ones or that are made from a different material, such as wool or fleece. This should help keep the cold out, but don’t forget to open them on clear days to let the sunlight and its warmth into your home.
  • Avoid keeping yours and your loved ones beds against an exterior wall. Keeping space between the bed and the wall results in a warmer bed, and therefore, a more satisfying sleep.

So please don’t forget to layer up this winter and use every advantage that you can to keep the cold out! Everyone in our community is welcome to stop by and warm up in our facility this season, should the occasion arise. We would be more than happy to have the opportunity to share our warm environment and warm hearts with you!

Warm Regards,

Mendel Rottenberg, LNHA

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