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Unrivaled Senior Rehabilitation In The Heart of Brooklyn, NY

Senior rehabilitation is a core component of what we do here at Ditmas Park Rehab Center.

Indeed, our 5-Star rating for excellence is a testament to our amazing success with our post-acute rehab patients.

The purpose of in-patient rehabilitation, is to help individuals who are (typically) post-hospitalization achieve their prior level of functioning. The rehab facility is thus a bridge and a stepping stone between the hospital and home.

To facilitate a full and safe return to home, we adopt a comprehensive and holistic approach to our rehabilitation program and provide all 3 disciplines of therapy in a tailor made format to suit the individual requirements of each patient.

The best way to achieve total healing is by treating the senior body with respect, understanding its unique needs and creating comprehensive care programs that support the healthiest, most active quality of life possible.

Our therapists work tirelessly to achieve functional independence for our patients, with physical and occupational therapy, reconditioning exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, balance training, gait training and fitness programs, preventing and treating orthopedic conditions, stroke/CVA, arthritis, osteoporosis and so much more.

We work seamlessly with Medicare and most private health insurances, to provide the most robust and appropriate level of therapy within the insurance and coverage parameters.

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