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Amazing Sound of Music Brought a Stroke Survivor out of his Coma

This is an amazing story about a stroke survivor, who is an associate professor of music at SUNY Buffalo State University , a conductor of the school’s Philharmonia Orchestra, as well as the Amherst Chamber Ensemble and Buffalo’s Chopin Singing Society. He also plays the violin and bass. Music Brought him Back to Reality out…

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Speech and Language Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation

Many People have Speech and Swallowing Problems Following a Stroke A stroke is a devastating event, as it can cause paralysis which is often on one side of the body and all kinds of other problems depending on where the brain was damaged. About a third of the people who have strokes will have difficulty…

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Stroke Rehabilitation and Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)

Music Enabled Movement in Limbs Paralyzed by Strokes The Hearing Before The Special Committee on Aging United States Senate August 1, 1991 contains testimonies from doctors and scientists about stroke survivors who were paralyzed in a leg and unable to move or walk, but could tap their foot when listening to music. Other stroke victims…

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