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Silver Tsunami On The Way, Will Healthcare Facilities Be Ready?

The Silver Tsunami, aka, senior citizens, is coming to a healthcare facility near you in the very near future. The question is: will healthcare facilities and providers be ready to handle the load? A Silver Tsunami is already underway and projections from the U.S. Census Bureau point to 2030 as a milestone year. Incredibly, in…

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Granny Cam Bill In Minnesota For Nursing Homes Soon To Pass

A  Granny Cam bill that will regulate electronic monitoring in resident rooms of Minnesota assisted living communities and nursing homes will soon become law.   If so, Minnesota will join Texas and Utah in having laws mandating that assisted living communities grant resident requests to install monitoring equipment.   As of now, six states — Illinois, Louisiana,…

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Medication Interactions Can Disrupt Successful Dementia Treatment

Medication interactions can disrupt and ruin successful dementia treatment, says John Marek, President of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. Doctors have used the same arsenal of drugs for years to treat dementia in elderly patients. But the aging population has dramatically changed thereby calling for more sophisticated drug strategies.  For example, says Marek, “Our skilled…

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