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Meet Our Director of Nursing: Ms. Mary Asufrin, RN & CLNC

From The Desk of The Director of Nursing: Ms. Mary Asufrin, RN & CLNC

I studied nursing for several years at Colegio De San Agustin in Bacalod, a city in the Philipines. Since that time, I have been a nurse in the Philippines and in the United States for a combined total of twenty-two years. I am honored to have the opportunity to be the Director of Nursing at Ditmas Park and have enjoyed every moment of the last several months learning more about our residents and staff.

I believe that the most important aspect of quality nursing services comes from staff members having a passion for compassion. Our nurses and CNA’s are all incredibly enthusiastic about providing quality care as their careers and we will continue to find those candidates who feel the same way and add them to the Ditmas Park team. Additionally, the ability to work cooperatively and effectively as a team are vital to our approach in offering quality care. I have witnessed firsthand here that when a team comes together that great things are possible, and we will continue to emphasize this idea.

The nursing department will continue to provide high-quality care and satisfy all of our stakeholder needs in addition to continually learning about and utilizing the best methods, tools, and techniques in healthcare to ensure our residents achieve the highest possible well-being during their time at Ditmas Park Rehab & Care Center.

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