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May Is ‘Better Sleep Month’ Tips You Can Effectively Use

The month of May is designated as ‘Better Sleep Month’. Sleep is incredibly important for mental and physical well-being. Sleep deprivation can result in a variety of physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems. In addition, there is a decline cognition, memory, and social behavior.



better sleep month



Better Sleep Month: Get A Good Mattress

The most important piece of furniture is your bed. Since we accumulate aches and pains as we age, our sleep can get interrupted constantly.A comfortable mattress is an important investment. Do your homework and test out the options.


Remember, don’t be afraid to be picky. After all, you will be spending roughly one-third of every day in bed. It should be perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Better Sleep Month: Lights Out

Adults, especially senior citizens, are sensitive to light, — and lighting is an often overlooked detail that can make a big difference.


Soft lighting with bulbs that filter out blue light helps the brain detect the onset of night. It then signals the secretion of melatonin. This natural hormone tells our body it’s time to sleep. When sleep-time arrives, darkness is best, so block out as much light as possible.


Keep Your Room Cool

Choose bedding that allows you to regulate your body temperature, and layer it for easier adjustments. A cool temperature is best for sleep, somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Fabrics that feel good against your skin will help give you a great night’s sleep.

Better Sleep Month: Stick To A Routine

An adult bedtime routine should be simple and relaxing. Popular choices are reading, yoga, a hot bath and music. It’s smart to set a curfew for your devices an hour or so before bedtime. The content is often stimulating, and the blue light can trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime.


Set up your environment to maximize your comfort. Then prepare your mind and body with a consistent routine.

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