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March Is National Nutrition Month, Time To Eat Right

March is designated as National Nutrition Month and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates this every year. The focus of the Academy as well as the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) is to encourage the public to eat the right foods. They are promoting two objectives:

  • Eat nutritious foods to maintain good health
  • To reduce the high obesity levels among American citizens. Obesity is currently at an epidemic level.


As part of their campaign, the Academy develops sound eating and physical activity protocols. Their message is that quality nutrition isn’t restrictive, it can actually be enjoyable. No dramatic changes are necessary, even small, gradual changes to your diet will improve your health. In fact, every healthy nutritional choice, no matter how small, is a choice in the right direction.

March: Why Eating Healthy Is Important

Members of the American Society for Nutrition study nutrition as a science and as a practice. Members represent all areas of nutritional research and they provide nutrition education and information. Moreover, they make available resources for dietitians, medical doctors, policymakers, and consumers. ASN members identify solutions to today’s greatest nutrition challenges.


Here are several programs that the American Society of Nutrition sponsors:

They focus on three strategic priorities:

  1. Knowledge. ASN is a leader in keeping nutrition professionals up to date on the latest science and trends. New technologies broaden knowledge in innovative ways. Information is disseminated through ASN’s webinars, meetings, and online learning.
  2. Engagement. ASN engages the broad nutrition community with its 7,000 members from over 100 countries. Through partnerships and collaboration with members and like-minded organizations, ASN provides opportunities to learn, discuss, and work together to improve health around the world through nutrition.
  3. Impact. Nutrition research is ongoing to develop sound food and nutrition policies and regulations. They interact with Congress and federal agencies to strengthen nutrition research and the field of nutrition science.

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