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Fermented Dairy Products Associated with Lower Risk for Heart Disease and Stroke

Yogurt may Protect Against Heart Disease and Stroke

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the number one leading cause of death in the United States, so anything that may help to keep the heart healthy should be taken seriously. Science Daily reported about an interesting new study by researchers at the University of Finland that was published October 29, 2018, in the British Journal of Nutrition. Results of this study  showed that men who ate fermented dairy products had a smaller risk of coronary heart disease than men who ate less fermented dairy products. However, men who consumed a large amount of non-fermented dairy products, which in this case was mainly milk had an increased rate of coronary heart disease.

The Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study at the University of Eastern Finland

Participants were 1981 men aged 42-60 years old who had no history of coronary heart disease when they enrolled in the study. The men were followed for an average of 20 years. During the follow-up period, 472 experienced a coronary heart disease event. However, those men who consumed the fermented dairy products showed a lower risk for coronary heart disease.

Low-Fat Sour Milk was the Main Fermented Product Consumed

Most of the fermented dairy products consumed were low-fat sour milk. Some also ate yogurt, k’fir, quark and cheese. Interestingly, the consumption of high-fat fermented cheese was not associated with a risk of coronary heart disease. Most of the men who consumed non-fermented dairy products in large amounts drank an average of 0.9 liters of milk every day and they had a higher risk for coronary heart events.

Earlier Study Showed that Yogurt Might Reduce Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Science Daily also reported on a study published April 13, 2018, in the American Journal of Hypertension that showed that eating yogurt may protect against heart disease in men and women who suffer from high blood pressure. The study included 55,898 women and 18,232 men.

Those in both groups that ate more than two servings a week of yogurt had about a 20% lower risk for heart disease or a stroke.
Since high blood pressure is considered to be a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, this study suggests that yogurt has protective properties against strokes and heart attacks even for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

More Research Needed

More research is needed to pin point just what is in the fermented dairy products like sour milk and yogurt that contribute to heart health. These may be compounds that are formed during the fermentation process, but right now this is only speculation.

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If you are at risk for coronary heart disease or if you suffer from high blood pressure, you might want to include yogurt rather than whole milk in your diet.

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