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Exercising In Groups Big Benefit For Senior Citizens

Exercising with a friend or with a group is a big benefit for senior citizens. The benefits are many — socializing, a more intense workout, and you’re embarrassed to miss a day.






Exercising: Study Results

A study from Michigan State University, found that aerobic exercise with a partner made each individual work harder and longer. Overall fitness improved for all participants compared to people exercising alone.


Even exercising with a virtual partner brings greater benefits than working out alone. It can motivate to exercise longer and with greater intensity.


In addition, several studies found that exercising in groups leads to greater success in losing weight.


Finding Your Ideal Partner

Optimally, your ideal exercise partner should be someone in slightly better shape than you are. Research shows that your partner’s better fitness level will motivate you to keep up. Indeed, the statistics show that having a more fit partner can increase your workout time and intensity by a whopping 200 per cent!
And there is more good news!
For example, daily exercise partners can provide the kind of regular emotional and social contact that’s critical to health. This is especially important for senior citizens as social interaction improves their physical and mental health.

You can talk about all kinds of topics — families, politics, or sports. This support group yields tremendous benefits in many ways.


Indeed, if one member becomes sick, the other members are there to help, support and comfort. For senior citizens to have a support group, it provides a tremendous boost to their mental and physical health.

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