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How to Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

Salmonella Outbreak in Raw Turkey Meat It’s that happy Thanksgiving time of year again and here are some safety tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who report that since November 5, 2018, a multi-state salmonella outbreak in raw turkey has occurred in 35 states and is currently under investigation. So far…

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US Antibiotic Awareness Week is November 12-18, 2018

The US Antibiotic Awareness Week Is November 12-18, 2018. Formerly called the “Get Smart about Antibiotics Week,” this is to raise awareness of the danger of antibiotic resistance and the importance of prescribing and using antibiotics correctly, as misuse contributes to the rise of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Antibiotics are Lifesaving Antibiotics are lifesaving,…

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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Cardiovascular Disease

Strong Association between Cytomegalovirus and Cardiovascular Disease Results of a new study published August 16,2018, in Theranostics show that there is a strong association between the common herpes cytomegalovirus (CMV) and the onset of cardiovascular disease. Aging, which is not treatable, is the most common reason given for the development of coronary artery disease that…

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August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Vaccines to Protect Seniors from Harmful Diseases August is National Immunization Awareness Month and this is a good time to remind seniors that not all vaccines are for children. In fact, every year many seniors suffer needlessly with diseases like shingles, flu, pneumonia or hepatitis that could have been avoided had they received vaccinations. Shingles…

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