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Cytophone Detects Melanoma Blood Cancer With 96% Accuracy

Cytophone is a non invasive device that detects and then kills melanoma cells traveling in the blood with ninety six (96) percent accuracy. It was developed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).   The Cytophone uses laser beams and sound waves to scan circulating blood for melanoma cells. It does not require any needles or…

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Curing Alzheimer’s Disease With Potent Brain Molecule

At this time, there is no solution for curing Alzheimer’s; an important goal. However, at this time, it appears to be far off in the distance. With thousands of research hours and billions of dollars already spent, scientists are no closer to finding a cure for this ravishing disease. This situation may get even worse…

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exercise apps

Exercise Apps To Keep Seniors Motivated, Healthy And Spry

Exercise apps are an excellent way for seniors to stay healthy, spry and motivated. Technology has advanced to a level where you can measure many aspects of your exercise regimen. For example, exercise apps help you count your steps and calories, as well as chart your weekly goals. You get instant feedback and thereby can…

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Lung Cancer Successfully Diagnosed By Beagles Sense Of Smell

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed among patients in the United States. This type of cancer is also responsible for the largest number of cancer-related deaths. With lung cancer, early diagnosis is critical. Currently, the most common methods of diagnosing lung cancer are through CT and PET scans. These diagnostics are very…

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senior citizens

Senior Citizens Concerned On How To Pay For Medical Care

Senior citizens are concerned as to how they will pay for their medical care. These expenses can use up a significant part of monthly income, even for families who thought they had saved enough during their working years.   Indeed, paying for long-term care—whether delivered at home, hospital, or nursing home, often depends on the…

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Walking Is Great Exercise, How Much Do You Need Every Day?

Walking every day is great exercise and an excellent way to keep you and your body healthy. But how much walking do you need to day? Is there a minimum and a maximum amount?   The accepted wisdom for a daily walk to be beneficial, is that you need to walk 10,000 steps. As a…

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better sleep month

May Is ‘Better Sleep Month’ Tips You Can Effectively Use

The month of May is designated as ‘Better Sleep Month’. Sleep is incredibly important for mental and physical well-being. Sleep deprivation can result in a variety of physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems. In addition, there is a decline cognition, memory, and social behavior.         Better Sleep…

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Technology Transforming Senior Citizens Caregiving

Technology is rapidly transforming the quality of care that senior citizens currently receive and will also get in the future. The focus and goal is keeping senior citizens healthy, active, and alert.   The new technology includes cute robots that sing, dance, and tell stories. Just amazing!   Companies around the world are investing in…

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cell phone game

Cell Phone Game Predicts Alzheimer’s Appearing Years Later

A new cell phone game, has been developed that can predict a person’s getting Alzheimer’s disease years later. For this disease, a diagnosis often relies on signs of memory problems. However, these issues usually do not appear until many years after the disease has actually developed. Now, a new smartphone game is using spatial navigation…

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