education levels

Education Levels And Alzheimer’s, Is There A Link?

By Barry | June 13, 2019

Education levels have sometimes been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s logical to think this might actually be the case.Indeed, for many years,…

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senior citizens

Senior Citizens Concerned On How To Pay For Medical Care

By Barry | June 12, 2019

Senior citizens are concerned as to how they will pay for their medical care. These expenses can use up a significant part of monthly income,…

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Happy National Nursing Assistants Week!

By Judah | June 11, 2019
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Yoga Keeps Senior Citizens Brain And Body Healthy, Fit, And Young

By Barry | June 6, 2019

Yoga is a series of exercises that helps senior citizens stay brain and body healthy. It also maintains their fitness and a feeling of being…

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Home Safety Bathroom Tips For Seniors Living At Home

By Barry | June 5, 2019

Home safety for senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and living at home is very important. For example, falls are the leading cause of fatal…

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Our June Calendars are Here!

By Judah | June 5, 2019

Click on the link below to view more/print! June Activites Sched. 2019 (002)

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Walking Is Great Exercise, How Much Do You Need Every Day?

By Barry | May 30, 2019

Walking every day is great exercise and an excellent way to keep you and your body healthy. But how much walking do you need to…

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medicare advantages

Medicare Advantages Benefits Expanding Again In 2020

By Barry | May 28, 2019

An For the second year in a row, Medicare Advantages (MA) plans will increase their benefits, including expanded home meal deliveries, transportation and even some…

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better sleep month

May Is ‘Better Sleep Month’ Tips You Can Effectively Use

By Barry | May 23, 2019

The month of May is designated as ‘Better Sleep Month’. Sleep is incredibly important for mental and physical well-being. Sleep deprivation can result in a…

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Technology Transforming Senior Citizens Caregiving

By Barry | May 21, 2019

Technology is rapidly transforming the quality of care that senior citizens currently receive and will also get in the future. The focus and goal is…

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