advanced health care

Advanced Health Care Planning: Please Don’t Delay It

By Barry | August 4, 2019

Advanced health care planning is something most Americans don’t think about, but they should. You don’t want to get to old age and not be…

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kratom tea

Kratom Tea For Anxiety and Chronic Pain, Is It Safe?

By Barry | July 31, 2019

Kratom tea is being heavily promoted as a viable cure for anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It’s made by brewing the leaves of the kratom…

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Cytophone Detects Melanoma Blood Cancer With 96% Accuracy

By Barry | July 28, 2019

Cytophone is a non invasive device that detects and then kills melanoma cells traveling in the blood with ninety six (96) percent accuracy. It was…

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migraine headaches

Migraine Headache Sufferers Look For Better Medications

By Barry | July 24, 2019

A migraine headache is very painful. Sufferers are looking for better medications that have a minimum number of side affects. Migraines are the third most…

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calorie restriction

Calorie Restriction Benefits Even Slim People, Helps Heart

By Barry | July 18, 2019

Calorie restriction is a term you’ll be hearing a lot of in the future. It can benefit even slim people by improving their heart health…

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hot weather safety

Hot Weather Safety Tips For Senior Citizens Is Serious Business

By Barry | July 17, 2019

Hot weather safety tips for senior citizens needs to be taken seriously. While too much heat is not safe for everyone, it’s especially risky for…

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blood glucose

Blood Glucose: What It Is, How It Works, Why It Matters

By Barry | July 11, 2019

Blood glucose is a very important part of staying healthy. It is a sugar that the bloodstream carries to all cells in the body to…

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Curing Alzheimer’s Disease With Potent Brain Molecule

By Barry | July 10, 2019

At this time, there is no solution for curing Alzheimer’s; an important goal. However, at this time, it appears to be far off in the…

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Inflammation In Aging Reversible With These Foods

By Barry | July 7, 2019

Inflammation in aged adults is a pervasive and chronic feature of the aging process. Common diseases in senior citizens that are linked to inflammation are…

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home safety measures

Home Safety Measures For Alzheimer’s Patients, Is It Possible?

By Barry | July 3, 2019

Home safety measures for Alzheimer’s patients is a constant concern for their families and caregivers. But according to the National Institute for Aging, (NIA) home…

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