Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR)

By Judah | February 10, 2018

Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) is mainly for people who have chronic breathing problems like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) also known as emphysema, cystic fibrosis, sarcoidosis…

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Pet Therapy Benefits for Seniors

By Judah | February 8, 2018

Man’s Best Friend Pets have been around for a long time helping people and there is probably no better example of “man’s best friend” than…

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World-Class Cardiac Rehabilitation At Ditmas Park In Brooklyn

By Judah | February 6, 2018

At Ditmas Park Rehab, we specialize in cardiovascular health and rehabilitation and our cardiac rehab patients do extremely well at our facility. Regardless of the…

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Effective Brain Stimulation Effective At Slowing Alzheimer's Symptoms

By Judah | February 2, 2018

At Ohio State University, clinical researchers have successfully tested deep brain stimulation as a possible treatment option to slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms.…

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Flu And Colds Are On The Rise This Winter Season

By Barry | January 25, 2018

Flu is on the rise this winter season in the United States, according to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). They report that the highest rate…

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Meet Our Director of Nursing: Ms. Mary Asufrin, RN & CLNC

By Judah | January 21, 2018

From The Desk of The Director of Nursing: Ms. Mary Asufrin, RN & CLNC I studied nursing for several years at Colegio De San Agustin…

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Senior Respite Care Services In Brooklyn, NY

By Judah | January 19, 2018

For the best Senior Respite Care in Brooklyn, NY, contact Ditmas Park Rehab  Telephone number for Ditmas Park Rehab, is: (718) 462-8100 What is respite care?…

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Create A Safe Home for Your Loved One With Dementia

By Barry | January 18, 2018

Make a safe home for a family member suffering from dementia by implementing these suggestions.       Safe Home: Review your current set up…

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Medicaid New Guidelines: Get A Job Or Volunteer If You Want Medicaid

By Barry | January 15, 2018

Medicaid has just issued new guidelines to the States indicating that only those employed or doing volunteer work will be eligible for benefits.    …

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Winter Safety Message From Our Administrator

By Judah | January 10, 2018

During the winter season, hospitalizations inevitably increase due to the cold weather conditions. The majority of those instances will be related to spending excessive time…

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