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Areas of Expertise

Ditmas Park is well known for its expertise in the fields of heart, stroke, and palliative care.


With over two decades of experience, Ditmas Park is well known for its expertise in the fields of heart, stroke, and palliative care. Our highly skilled team of doctors and nurses are trained practitioners of these more exigent areas of rehabilitative care, with the ability to assess and manage these patients.


Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

For patients having suffered a heart attack or stroke, or are living with heart disease and/or high blood pressure, we offer numerous services including regimented exercises and extensive patient education to help deter future cardiac related issues. Our services include:

  • Post cardiac surgery exercise program
  • Risk reduction and lifestyle modification program


Suffering a stroke is more than a devastating experience. Here at Ditmas Park our highly trained team works with the patient based on his or her individual needs to help regain as much independence as possible. Working together, our doctors, nurses, and specialists will unite to help bring the patient back on track while keeping spirits high - a must during this trying time.

Palliative Care

When it comes to our patients who require more long term or palliative care, our highly skilled team is beyond dedicated and understanding. Offering not only premium care, our staff is trained to ensure the highest quality of life possible, through integrated therapies, pain management, and even spiritual needs are addressed for both the patient and their family as they are forced to make difficult decisions. Our goal is to make sure the patient is at their most comfortable during their journey.

Integrated Therapy

Therapy plays an important role in the road to recovery. Our team of experienced and expert therapists work with patients recovering from stroke, heart attack, falls and other medical issues. Ditmas Park is renowned for offering an array of traditional therapies including occupational, physical, speech, vestibular and cognitive therapies, while also complementing these therapies with the likes of innovative programs such as pet therapy and music therapy. A key area of expertise is our ability to integrate these therapies together ensuring that each therapy is well integrated into the overall program and regimen specifically designed for the patient.

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