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Do You Always Feel Out Of Breath? Try Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Usually when you are out of breath it isn’t a bad thing.

You may have had a hard work out or heard something that just “takes your breath away”. But what happens if you have trouble breathing for no reason and if it lasts for a long time?

When one has respiratory challenges, they may be suffering and experiencing a decreased quality of life. Many simple things people take for granted can become difficult, such as walking up stairs or taking a walk.

What can one do to alleviate the difficulties in breathing?

There is a systematic rehab program geared towards helping alleviate chronic respiratory problems and it is called Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation, a.k.a. “PR” is used when negative symptoms remain after clinical treatment or in tandem with medical therapy.

There are many different types of activities included in a PR program. Some of them include: Exercise training, education, nutritional counseling, energy-saving techniques, and psychological support.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is used to treat many of the common chronic respiratory problems such as: Peripheral muscle dysfunction, Respiratory muscle dysfunction, Nutritional abnormalities, Cardiac impairment, Skeletal disease, Sensory deficits and Psychosocial dysfunction. Even with advanced lung disease PR can have very positive effects.

If going to a facility for PR-the rehab team will design a specific program geared at each patients unique needs. This may include life style changes and can positively affect many aspects of ones life.

After receiving PR one can hope to finally breathe a sigh of relief!


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